Who we are

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We are a team of multi-skilled entrepreneurs who are always up for a challenge and believe that business can still be done in a honest, ethical manner. We actively choose not be part of the rat race. Our business is guided by the belief that small actions applied consistently will have a greater effect on society at large.

who we are

Great Leap Group was started by Jaco van Heerden as a rebellion against the pervasive corporate culture which seems to put shareholder ROI at the forefront, even at the expense of client's well being.
We still believe in "old fashioned values" of integrity and honesty as well as a belief that the client is at the centre of all our activity.

Our aim is to be the trusted partner of our clients, effectively becoming an extension of business support function. In designing, planning, implementing and ultimately executing our clients' day to day operations and projects, we release the client to focus on their core business.

Great Leap Group comprises of four business units independently run by an enterprising team of industry professionals. The business units are Security Solutions, Electrical Services, Business Consulting as well as Signage and Display Solutions.


Jaco van Heerden
owner & ceo

The founder of Great Leap Group, Jaco van Heerden is a talented, solution driven businessman who has worked for different Corporate entities, which has equipped him with a unique outlook on business. His core belief is to bring back trust and good neighbourliness as a cornerstone of business.