One Stop Shop for Security Solutions

Great Leap Security provides customised, reliable and comprehensive security solutions, whilst delivering a convergence of of the latest world class security technology with operational security management.

We at Great Leap Security are capable of designing comprehensive security solutions to meet the most stringent customer specifications and ensure peace of mind. We have invested invested in the latest technologies that enable us to respond to incidents quickly and with proportionate action.

Great Leap Security is rooted in the philosophy of KAIZEN or Continuous Improvement.

Automation and Access Control
The perimeter is the first line of defence for your premises, Great Leap Security will secure this with a variety of solutions:
  • Audio / Video Visitor communication systems.
  • Keyless Access via RFID Tags, Mobile Phones, Remote Control or Code entry
  • Automated gate systems for pedestrian or vehicle access. Our reliable and attractive operators can be linked to an intercom or another access control system and to many of our other peripherals such as Infra-Red beams, Vehicle detection loops, timers, alarm relays and many different remote controls.
CCTV and Surveillance Systems
Close Circuit TV (CCTV) has been found to be a proven crime deterrent and has been effective in areas where the safety of staff, customers and assets is crucial.
Great Leap Security provides and installs cameras for clients in a number of industries including banks, retail outlets as well as private residences.
Event Security
Great Leap Security supplies event security officers who are observant and provide a visible deterrence to crime and disruptions at companies events. We enforce rules and regulations, ensure access control, conduct weapons screening and prevent theft.
We endeavour to create a safe, secure and professional environment by interacting with the public, vendors, client's staff and other event support staff by employing our superior training and following client company's policies and instructions.
Property Security Management
Great Leap Security aims to be the trusted leader in securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties in the residential and commercial sectors where our innovative solutions and expert services allow customers to protect their vacant properties against unauthorized access and property decay.
We have an extensive range of steel screens and doors, wireless monitoring systems and other vacant security products which ensure properties retain their value and provide customers peace of mind, knowing that their vacant properties are safe and secure.